Petition to continue production of Eastman Kodak’s Black & White Reversal 7265 and Black & White Negative 7231

This petition addresses Eastman Kodak Company’s decision to discontinue 7265 Black & White Reversal and 7231 Black & White Negative camera stocks.

7265 and 7231 are valuable tools used by the independent filmmaking community and educators across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Shooting on 7265 and 7231 offers students and independent filmmakers the aesthetic beauty of a low speed black & white camera stock at a lower cost compared to color. When pull processed, 7231 has a wider dynamic range and finer grain, making it a remarkably versatile stock for outdoor shooting in high contrast situations.

With the discontinuance of 7265 and 7231, Kodak will have eliminated all low speed Black & White Reversal and Negative camera stocks. This decision will not only limit the motion picture products offered by Kodak, but eliminate a defining product in its motion picture product line.

This petition is endorsed by the following individuals and organizations:

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