16mm Directory

The 16mm Directory is a technical resource directory for supplies and services related to 16mm exhibition.

16mm Print Collection

40 Frames houses a small collection of 16mm film prints which contains approximately 150 film titles, spanning the categories of experimental, industrial, educational and documentary. The collection focuses on twelve primary subject areas, a sampling of which includes: Organized labor and labor processes; cities and transportation; social movements; and experimental/art films.

Film Screenings Archive

From 1999-2009, 40 Frames presented important and challenging films in the 16mm format. Exhibition programs spanned the categories of experimental, documentary, ethnographic, and narrative. The 40 Frames exhibition program archive, containing program notes, artwork and other materials resides at the Albert Solheim Library at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. At the link below, you can find details on past programs.

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